Spotted garden eels live in colonies of up to several thousand individuals. They spend the majority of their lives with only the top half of their body sticking out of a burrow they make in the sand, eating plankton and other tiny animals that float by. If in danger, the entire “garden” retracts into the sand in the blink of an eye.

Images: blueparadiseindonesia, Eric Cheng, Ryan Murphy



when remus first got bitten by a werewolf his parents rushed him to the hospital and they were like “what’s wrong?” “he was bitten by a werewolf” “oh god. what’s his name?” “remus lupin.” “sir are you fucking with me right now”

Do you think maybe wizards have some magic ritual for changing their name? Like maybe Lupin went and eradicated his birth name to protect his family and he replaced it a goofy pun because he has a dry, miserable sense of humor. Nobody knows that wasn’t always his name.