Chinampa (Nahuatlchināmitl [tʃiˈnaːmitɬ]) is a method of ancient Mesoamerican agriculture which used small, rectangular areas of fertile arable land to grow crops on the shallow lake beds in the Valley of Mexico.

Sometimes referred to as “floating gardens,” chinampas were artificial islands that usually measured roughly 98 ft × 8.2 ft (30 m × 2.5 m).[1] Chinampas were used by the ancient Aztec [Aboriginal Peoples].[2] In Tenochtitlan, the chinampas ranged from 300 ft × 15 ft (91 m × 4.6 m)[1] to 300 ft × 30 ft (91 m × 9.1 m)[1][3] They were created by staking out the shallow lake bed and then fencing in the rectangle with wattle. The fenced-off area was then layered with mud, lake sediment, and decaying vegetation, eventually bringing it above the level of the lake. Often trees such as āhuexōtl [aːˈweːʃoːt͡ɬ] (Salix bonplandiana)[2] (a willow) and āhuēhuētl [aːˈweːweːt͡ɬ] (Taxodium mucronatum)[4] (a cypress) were planted at the corners to secure the chinampa. Chinampas were separated by channels wide enough for a canoe to pass. These “islands” had very high crop yields with up to 7 crops a year.[5]

photo:  Iraun permakultura (1), Aztec Chinampas model by Te Mahi, Photographer: Te Papa, © Te Papa (2)


Indigenous technology






dionysus and apollo have quickly become two of my favourite greek gods 

so I looked them up and I found my new favourite picture 


look at their faces 

look at how fucking drunk dionysus is 

look at apollo 

look at his face

so judgmental 

i love it 

if you replace the wine glass with an iphone it looks like dionysus is trying to snap a selfie of the two of them because he’s so excited to be hanging with his bestie and apollo is just disgusted with the whole idea

Someone needs to photoshop an iPhone in there





Cumberbatch will star in one of three filmed adaptation of Shakespeare’s plays, Richard III, for the BBC later this year.

The new BBC adaptation of Richard III will be executive produced by Sam Mendes and produced by Rupert Ryle-Hodges (Downton Abbey).

But I thought his little hobbit friend was going to be Richard III? I guess I better actually read these articles.

For the tails. That’s what I call details.

  • Q: How planned out was the story for A Series of Unfortunate Events when you started writing? Did you have the basic plotline of all 13 books planned out from the beginning, or did you develop the story as you wrote them?
  • Lemony Snicket: As with a dead body on the sidewalk, I had an outline for A Series of Unfortunate Events, but only a few clues with which to proceed.